Anupam Kher has been a part of the Indian film industry for more than three decades and has appeared in over 350 movies. Working predominantly in India, Anupam made his breakthrough in Mahesh Bhatt’s critically acclaimed Saaransh (Summary) in 1984. His portrayal of an old man trying to overcome the grief of his murdered son bagged him his first of many awards as Best Actor at the prestigious Filmfare Awards in Mumbai. Portraying an array of versatile characters throughout his illustrious career, Anupam made an impact in the west  as an actor in Gurinder Chadha’s Bend It Like Beckham and more recently in David O. Russell’s Oscar-nominated romantic drama Silver Linings Playbook, in which he appeared alongside American icon Robert De Niro. Anupam Kher runs the prestigious Actor Prepares Academy in India and is seen as a global ambassador for the Indian film industry.




Samina Peerzada is one Pakistan’s most celebrated actresses. Beginning her career in television, Samina quickly became the face of Pakistan and made her screen debut on the in Jamil Dehlavi’s critically acclaimed The Blood of Hussain in 1980. Whilst continuing with her first passion for television drama, Samina then appeared in Salman Peerzada’s Zar Gul in 1986. The film became very popular around the film festival circuit and is today regarded  as a classic of Pakistani cinema. Samina made her debut as a director in 1998 with film Inteha (Extreme). Since then she has directed the popular film Sharart (Trick) featuring many of Pakistan’s top film stars. At present she is working on a film project as well as appearing in the popular television drama serial Ghaao (Wound).