The 99

Friday 8 November, 10am-4pm (National Media Museum)

Aimed at KS2 – Years 5/6

The 99

Aimed at primary schools and as part of Beyond the Mango Film Festival, this day looks at heroes and superheroes through film with an introduction to The 99.

The 99 are characters with special or super powers were created by Dr Naif Al-Mutawa who, in the wake of 9/11, decided to create Islamic superheroes. The 99 superheroes’ powers are based on the Qu’ran’s 99 Virtues of Allah: strength, courage and wisdom among them.

The morning will explore the notion of heroes through film supported with a range of literacy based activities. The afternoon will consider the literacy of film, looking at how we ‘read’ film with further investigation into how the hero is represented in film.

The event will be run by Geraldine Walker, Education Director, Reel Solutions.

For more information and places please contact Geraldine or Syima



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