Dirs. Ritu Sarin, Tenzing Sonam India/GB 2013 75 mins (adv. PG) In Hindi with English subtitles

Thursday 7 November, 7pm (Cineworld, Bradford)

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Hari-sitting-with-ladies-behindFollowing a taxi driver named Hari near Dharamsala, India, When Hari Got Married is a documentary that shines some light on the changes that are taking place in the country. He’s 30 and is in a cell phone-enabled relationship with his fiancée. Although they are all set to be together soon enough, they haven’t actually met. No wonder both parties are thrilled as well as scared of the wedding day when they’ll finally come face-to-face. It’s just another event in a small-town neighbourhood where arranged marriages are the norm. What sets this visual threat apart is it allows you a peek into the circus that goes with it. (Courtesy of Day for Night Films)

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