Dir Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit, Thailand 2012 68 mins (adv. PG) In Thai with English subtitles

Wednesday 6 November, 5.30pm (National Media Museum)

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620840Sai is a location scout and Oom is an art director. On the site of a derelict building, they meet and begin working together. Sai records everything on her digital camera, from images of locations to the people in her life. Two years later, Sai is still in the same job, while Oom has moved on. One day, Sai’s computer crashes, wiping her hard drive, along with the images that capture an entire year of her life. Among them are those she had taken of Oom. Some people pass through our lives for only a brief moment in time. Without any pictures to remind us of them, it’s like they never existed at all. Consisting of 36 shots, 36 is a delicate contemplation on the nature of memories in the digital age. (Courtesy of Day for Night Films)

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